Sunday, June 7, 2015

Book Release: Preying on You by Elise Holden


Most guys have a thing for blondes, perky breasts, and legs that don’t stop. Ava Hildebrand should know. She has all three, and men spend a heck of a lot to watch her dance every night. What started out as a harmless way to pay the bills, soon turns dangerous, when a client begins shelling out large sums of money for private dances but refuses to interact. What sort of man wants to look but not touch?

Ethan Dorian has watched Ava long enough to know she is exactly the girl he has been looking for. Stunning. A sarcastic tongue. A great set of legs. Willing to rise to any challenge. Guys like him have a way of getting exactly what they want if the price is right. The problem is…he doesn’t want to have to buy his time with her anymore.

Elise Holden loves three things most in life: hats, heels and sexy men…usually in that order.  Her love of Audrey Hepburn and black and white classics have molded her into the strong woman she is today. She believes completely in the possibility of true love, but her Mr. Right remains elusive. A nagging fact that she wholeheartedly plans to remedy at her earliest opportunity.
She is currently weaving her DEVIL’S TALE series, featuring novels SAINT, SINNER and SOUL.  This series is a tale of one woman’s discovery that an unquenchable thirst for one man can breed deadly ramifications.


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