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Release Blitz: Papa's Joy by Sue Lyndon & Celeste Jones

You belong to Papa now...

Papa's Joy

Sue Lyndon & Celeste Jones

You belong to Papa now. Nineteen-year-old Daisy, Talcott House’s resident eavesdropper, snoop and prankster, is about to marry Lord Edward Kensington. The unlikely couple fell in love when Daisy literally landed at his feet on the day he was supposed to wed another. Daisy is as surprised as anyone that a man as handsome and important as Lord Kensington would wish to marry a plain girl such as her. But, when she looks into his eyes and he touches her hand, a warm tingle moves through her and takes her breath away. After a period of darkness and despair, Edward decides to take a wife. For reasons known only to himself, he eschews the crush and crowds of the London season and seeks the assistance of Miss Wickersham in finding a bride amongst the Little Ladies of Talcott House. He asks only that she be biddable and obedient. Once they are wed, Daisy learns marital relations are even better than the sweet rapture she has read about in the romance novels she used to swipe from Miss Wickersham’s private library. With Papa’s loving guidance—and firm hand—Daisy blossoms and begins to hope she and her papa will have their own happily ever after. Except for that one, deepest, darkest, most horrible secret which she must never reveal, even to her loving papa.


“Papa?” she asked in a nervous tone, which was mostly feigned. She reached around and cupped her bottom again, giving him what she hoped was her cutest pout as she allowed her lower lip to protrude while she widened her eyes, as if to plead for leniency. “Please don’t spank me, Papa. I promise to be a good girl from now on.”

He waggled a finger at her and gave her a stern look, but he couldn’t quite keep the corners of his lips from turning up every few seconds and she realized with delight that he was playing along. A naughty thrill ran through her and heat coiled in her nether region, her pulse skittering with anticipation.

“If you didn’t wish to go over my knee for a hard spanking on your bare bottom, little girl, then perhaps you should have run faster.” He approached her, and she kept backing up with his every step, until he had her pinned against a large desk.

She gasped as he leaned down to place his arms on either side of her, trapping her in place. As she squirmed in his hold, her legs inadvertently kept pressing together, which only deepened the ache in her kitty.

“Come along,” he said, grasping her hand and pulling her away from the desk. “Papa has to teach you a lesson.” He guided her around the desk, pulled the chair behind it out, and then sat down and stood her between his spread legs. He gave her another stern, but somewhat playful, look that sent excited tingles through her whole body.

“Oh, Papa, please not on my bare bottom.” She fidgeted in place as he gazed up at her.

“Keep stalling, little girl, and Papa will apply extra swats to your smooth cunny lips, just as papa gave you extra swats to your little bunghole after your spanking yesterday.”

She gasped, truly surprised. Yet somehow the threat of receiving penalty smacks to the sensitive folds between her legs only made her desire for her papa stronger. She felt the trickle of moisture on her inner thigh as she squirmed in place. She could not resist saying, “You will do no such thing, Papa,” as she placed her hands in front of her center, shielding her private area from Papa’s gaze even though she was still wearing the lovely gown he’d dressed her in this morning.

“That’s it,” he said, his voice deeper than usual. In one deft movement, he arranged her over his lap and bared her bottom, lifting her skirts and chemise to reveal her nakedness as he forced her into the proper position to receive a chastisement. “I know a little girl who is going to get ouchies on her bottom and on her cunny lips.”



USA TODAY bestselling author Sue Lyndon writes steamy D/s romance in a variety of genres, from contemporary to historical to fantasy. She’s a #1 Amazon bestseller in multiple categories, including BDSM Erotica and Sci-Fi Erotica. But no matter the genre, her heroes are always HOT dominant alpha males. She also writes non-bdsm sci-fi romance under the name Sue Mercury. When she’s not busy working on her next book, you’ll find her hanging out with her family, watching sci-fi movies, reading, or sneaking chocolate.





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USA Today bestselling author Celeste Jones is known for writing highly entertaining erotic romance featuring headstrong heroines and stern yet loving heroes who aren't afraid to take a naughty woman over their knees. When she's not writing, she enjoys travel, reading and dancing like no one is watching.

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