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Release Boost: Her Savage Mate by Kallista Dane

Her Savage Mate from Kallista Dane.

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Reviewers are loving Her Savage Mate:
  • ... the supporting characters are enchanting.
  • ... Ms. Dane is fast becoming my go to author when I want an escape and read a lighthearted steamy read.
  • This was a sensually beautifully written story.
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“Then we will begin your first lesson in obedience.” He walked to the bed, sat down on the edge, and patted his thighs. “Come here and lie across my lap.”

I glanced around the room wildly, but there was nowhere to go. Besides, if I tried to run, he’d just drag me back. Better to give in and retain at least a little of my dignity.

“Every moment you delay will add to your punishment.”

I shot a malevolent look at him but managed to keep my mouth shut for once.

Those ten steps across the room might as well have been a mile. I preferred the way it had unfolded last night, when he’d grabbed me and yanked me over his lap. Making me come to him for punishment added humiliation to the riot of feelings warring inside me.

I stopped in front of him but he didn’t move, so I awkwardly arranged myself bottom-up over his knees. He never said a word, simply let the tension build until I wanted to yell at him to get it over with already.

When his hand cracked down on my bottom, I changed my mind.

Last night, I’d been in shock when he spanked me. Tonight I thought I knew what to expect. It would sting and burn but I could handle a little pain.

He gave me another whack. I gasped and realized I was wrong. It hurt. Much worse than I remembered. With every smack, the sting grew more harsh, the lick of fire on my bottom more fierce. I realized right away that my backside was still tender from his spanking last night. It took every ounce of willpower I had to lie there and take it.

My stoic silence seemed to goad him into spanking me even harder. I gritted my teeth against the searing pain…and then it happened. Just like last night. I was suddenly aware of his cock, thick and hard. I could feel the heat of it even through his trousers. His hard palm cracked against my bare ass again and a blast of heat rocked through me, all the way to my core.

I tried to concentrate on the harsh sting, the burning, but some primitive part of my brain kicked in and all I could think about was how hot I’d gotten when he penetrated my ass with that smooth hard rod last night after spanking me. I didn’t even realize I’d ground myself against him until I heard that low rumbling deep in his throat. The one that made him sound like a savage beast ready to pounce.

He stopped spanking me, transferred me face-down onto the bed beside him, and stood up. “Reach back and spread your bottom cheeks. It’s time to wear your tail, little tamina.”

I thought having to present myself for punishment was humiliating but this was so much worse. I rolled over to face him. “NO.”

He moved so swiftly I had no time to react. Yanking me back across his lap, spanking me over and over so hard it brought tears to my eyes. I bit back a cry of pain and he stopped.

“You will apologize for your behavior, assume the position, and ask me to put in your tail – or I’ll take a paddle to you, then strap you to the bench over there and insert it anyway.”

He waited for my response.

I glanced across the room where he’d pointed. Sure enough, a sturdy wooden bench with a padded top sat in the shadows against the far wall. I wasn’t sure, but it looked like there were leather straps attached to the four legs.

I could continue to be defiant and make my life here miserable or I could swallow my pride and do as I was told. I hate to admit it, but the thought of spreading my bottom cheeks for him, yielding to his dominance, sent a shameful thrill coursing through my body.

“Forgive me, my lord. Please give me the tail.” Oh, yeah. Fuck my ass with that thing again, my primitive brain screamed. That’s when I discovered my primitive brain was a slut.

He stood me on my feet and crossed his arms, waiting. Once again, I’d have to show my submission by voluntarily assuming the position he wanted.

I leaned forward, buried my face in the bed and reached behind me, spreading myself apart for him with both hands. My ass cheeks were hot and stinging from the spanking. A decadent shiver shot through me at the sight I must be presenting.

Oh, dear Goddess, I really was a slut. How could something so embarrassing be such a turn-on?

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Crash landed on an alien world. Lost in a jungle. Captured by a savage. Now I have a choice. Mate with their prince - or die.

It’s been a rough day.

Except I don’t have a choice. Not really. The High Priest threatens to put my entire crew to death unless I agree. So I make him a deal. I’ll mate with the future king and give him an heir – in exchange for their freedom.

Turns out my new mate is a mouth-watering, seven foot tall bronze hunk. He’s so hot he could be the star of one of the tacky romance novels I’m secretly addicted to.

Unfortunately this planet requires females to obey their mates or be disciplined. I’m not the submissive type, so I get punished by my new mate. A lot. But I’m determined this alien alpha will never break me. Night after night I defy him.

As time goes on, his stern discipline and passionate lovemaking are awakening dark desires in me. Wicked desires I’ve never felt before.

I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.

A note from the author: Her Savage Mate is based on the characters in my story in the USA TODAY bestselling box set Alien Alphas. I’ve added lots of steamy hot new scenes to make it a full-length standalone novel.

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USA Today Bestselling author Kallista Dane's steamy romances have hit #1 in Amazon's Sci-Fi and Western Erotica as well as making the bestselling lists in Sci-Fi Romance, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, and BDSM.

She combines eroticism with adventure and intrigue, weaving tale of strong, independent women tangling with the hot Alpha and Omega males who appear in their lives when they expect it least but need them the most.

Kallista loves gardening, chocolate, traveling, chocolate, scuba diving... and did we mention chocolate? She likes to say she's a little like Goldilocks - she's lived in northern Michigan, where it is way too cold and the Florida Keys, but that was way too hot. Now she makes her home in North Carolina where it's (usually) just right!

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