Friday, May 4, 2018

Book Blitz + Giveaway: Vibrant Awakening by Tiffany Ransier

Vibrant Awakening

The Prismatic Order, #1 
by Tiffany Ransier 
Publication Date: April 30, 2018 
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy

I’m Rose, the quiet loner girl. I’ve lived a normal life. Moving from private school to public school was never supposed to change my life this much. Being the president of a new club, finding the boy of my dreams – Trevor, making more friends than I’ve ever had in my whole life, and unfortunately my own personal bully Life was pretty ordinary until… My body starts to change. And I’m not the only one. Strange things happen to all of us People are going missing and then their bodies appear Someone is watching my friends Someone is watching me Waiting for the perfect moment to strike… Life can never go back to being normal.


Then he gets up. That October guy. He seems all too happy to be spinning the bottle, but he spins it a lot slower than everyone else did. In fact, I could swear it was…
Oh no.
Oh no, no, no, no…
I was having good luck and now this.

I stare in horror at the bottle that’s stopped and pointing in my direction. Maybe I can do a Beatrix. Yeah, I can do that. I get up and meet my fate.
His eyes are glittering as he leans in. Time seems to slow down to an agonizing pace as I lean in and ready my head to turn. Then, the unexpected happens. His hands grasp my face and before I can even turn, he plants a soft kiss on my lips and lets go of my face.

He takes in my facial reaction, and I wish I could give him the reaction he wants. His face falls. All I know is my first kiss was stolen by someone I don’t know, don’t love, or even like. Even more, it happened with everyone watching. I wanted a private moment. What am I going to tell Brody?

I turn around and sit down in my spot. Emi rubs my back as I blink back tears. The game goes on, but I don’t even pay attention to the rest of it.

About Tiffany Ransier

Tiffany Ransier is a multi genre author. She loves diving in to different worlds and making theories about books and shows. You will find her work incorporates that. She lives in SoCal with her parents and younger brother. Her boyfriend is James Ransier, another author. They are the parents of an adorable Siberian Husky/Shiba Inu named Peg. When she’s not writing stories or reading, she’s going to school to become a doctor – an ob/gyn.

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