Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cover Reveal: Coming Home to You by Claire Raye

Book Title: Coming Home to You  
Author: Claire Raye 
Genre: Contemporary Romance  
Release Date: October 2014  

It’s Beck O’Loughlin’s job to keep people safe, but what he never bargained for was having to keep his former high school sweetheart and love of his life, Kelsey Walters, safe after walking away from her ten years ago. Beck, now a hardened Boston detective and Kelsey, an inn owner in their small touristy town of Rockport, Massachusetts, find themselves struggling with the harsh reality that Kelsey’s life may be in serious danger. Stalked and tormented by an ex-boyfriend, she begins to realize his threats are very much real. All she wants is to feel normal again and that’s when Beck shows up, bound and determined to save her. But protecting Kelsey isn’t the only thing on Beck’s mind when their sexual tension steams hotter than a New England summer. Being this close begins to test both of their resolve, as emotions run high and all the feelings from the past begin to resurface. Will they be able to grab onto this second chance at love, or will outside dangers threaten their chance at happiness?

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