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Book Review: A Witch's Curse by M.L. Stephens

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Book: A Witch's Curse
Author: M.L. Stephens 
Series: Broken Series
Release Date: October 10, 2013


     Everything you've ever heard or believed about witches, vampires and werewolves is about to change. How do I know? I'm Hecate—the original witch—I'm the one who created them all.

     Hecate didn't dabble in dark magic. Watching her lover die at the end of another man's sword changed that. In a single act of vengeance, she turned her lover's killer into a werewolf and cursed him for eternity. It was A Witch's Curse to rival all others and it was her last act as a goddess.

     Drago despised being a werewolf. He spent thousands of years searching for an antidote, only to discover that the witch who cursed him, also had to cure him. Unfortunately, that witch died lifetimes ago. Undeterred, he continued to search. Two years ago he found Hecate's remains lying in a crypt hidden deep within the Louisiana Bayou. Today, he watched a coven of witches bring her back to life.

     He killed her lover. She damned him for all time. Can two souls who are destined to be eternal enemies, learn to forgive enough to live again?

 A stand alone novel which takes place in the Broken Series universe, but can be enjoyed without reading the previous books.

My Review:

  ** I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. **

In all honesty, the Broken Series has and always will hold a special place in my heart simply because it is set in my beloved Louisiana. But, besides that fact....

.... this book is freaking awesome! M.L. Stephens, again, did not disappoint with this one! While I absolutely love the characters of Claire and Hunter {main characters in the previous Broken novels}, I loved that this book focused on Hecate, the original witch. Centuries ago, Hecate cursed the man, Drago, who killed her lover. Drago spent centuries searching for the woman who cursed him. However, upon finding her, his feelings changed. But, did Hecate's feelings change towards him? Witchcraft, shape shifters, and mystery in the Bayou made this novel a perfect read.

While I have read all of the previous Broken novels, this book will be very easily understood without having read them (although I recommend reading them anyway!). Paranormal was never really my thing until I was introduced to this series. 

M.L. Stephens never disappoints with her books. I'm already anticipating the next one!

About the Author: 

I'm always clicking away at the keyboard, but when I'm not, my family, two dogs, and a very peculiar cat keep me on my toes! There's never a boring moment at my desk! Besides my obvious love for coffee and all things caffeinated, I love to travel. The occasional tourist stop is fun, but I'm a back road kind of gal. Take me off the beaten path. I want to meet the ordinary people behind the culture. My crazy family includes a husband, four kids, two grandbabies, two dogs and a cat. That's right. Life is totally insane, and so I write. Speaking of writing, I've been spinning stories around the campfire since I can remember. Poetry was second nature and as a teen and young adult, short stories were constantly being penned. I'm an avid reader who loves almost all genres. Let's face it! A good read is a good read, regardless of whether it takes place in the future, the present, the past or with ghosts.

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